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Kris Humphries "devastated" by Kim Kardashian's divorce filing

Kim Kardashian Says Kris Humphries Divorce Not 'Easy'

'I had hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes things don't work out as planned,' she says in a statement to MTV News.

Anna Chapman, Russian spy Russian spy Anna Chapman has given her first TV interview but has remained coy about the espionage case that made her famous.

Anna Chapman 'Contacts' Arrested

Russian intelligence has come under a new barrage of criticism for using ineffective Cold War-era tactics following the arrest of two suspected deep-cover spies in Germany.

FBI releases video on Anna Chapman, other Russian spies

Surveillance footage captures activities of femme fatale, other sleeper agents

Unaware the FBI has her under surveillance, Russian spy Anna Chapman

Daylight Savings 2011: Will You Be Ready?

Ok, folks, here comes that one day sure to screw up your life for at least 24 hours, if not the entire week: Daylight Savings Time 2011.

Second Chance For JaMarcus Russell?

Myles said Russell was arrested at his home early this afternoon during an undercover investigation. He was booked into Mobile Metro Jail at 4:22 p.m. Russell was released minutes later after making $2,500 bail, according to online records.

Russell is scheduled to appear in court on July 20. A bond hearing is set for July 7.

St. Louis weather postpones World Series Game 6 between Cardinals, Rangers

ST. LOUIS — Mist began to fall on Busch Stadium around 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time today. By then, a tarp covered the diamond and the World Series had been delayed a day. Officials from Major League Baseball elected to postpone Game 6 between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers until Thursday night, due to a combination of pleasant forecasts in the coming days and the league’s fear of seeing an elimination game delayed by inclement weather.

Jenna Lyons Reportedly in Midst of Ugly Divorce

You may not know Jenna Lyons by name, but you probably know her style. As the president and creative director of J. Crew, she’s influenced the classically chic looks of consumers from the average mall goer to Michelle Obama.